Why Proactive Protect?

Proactive Protect is a National Viral Disinfectant Solutions Company dedicated to providing differentiating service and solutions to assist our Clients in addressing their health-critical need for providing employees and customers next-level Virus Protection conventional disinfectant companies simply do not provide.

Proactive Protect, Mission and Modalities

Recognizing a need for technological advances in the Viral Disinfectant space, Proactive Protect was founded by a team of professionals who have more than 95 years of Healthcare Industry experience. This cumulative experience allowed Proactive Protect to build a foundation based on science, clinical evidence and an appreciation for disrupting a stagnant market with an innovative approach to Viral Disinfecting that demands raising the standard of care within the industry.

Proactive Protect Solution Technicians utilize state of the art Electrostatic Sprayers and Foggers in order to maximize effective surface coverage and leverage the benefits of electrostatic energy to help drive positively charged disinfectant towards negatively charged surfaces. It’s the use of electrostatic energy that also creates a 360 “wrap around” effect as these positively charged micro-particles seek out negatively charged surfaces to temporarily bind to. It’s important to note that electrostatic charge is temporary and does not provide long term “stickiness” and protection. This long-term “stickiness” which allows for long-term protection of surfaces for upwards of 30 days or more is achieved by Proactive Protect’s use of a Nano-Tech/Nano-Static Viral Disinfectants.

The Importance of Nano-Tech/Nano-Static Viral Disinfectants vs Conventional Cleaners

Proactive Protect’s deliberate decision to only offer Viral Disinfectant Solutions that classify as Nano-Tech/Nano-Static and are effective against 99.9% of bacteria, mold, fungus and viruses INCLUDING SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 is vital to adapting viral disinfection solutions against asymptomatically-spread viruses like Coronavirus.

Conventional cleaners, including hospital grade disinfectants, chemically kill bacteria and viruses on contact. This “chemical kill” actively destroys 99.9% of bacteria, algae, fungus and viruses while wet and active. Unfortunately, when these “disinfectants dry they die” and stop working. The introduction of Nano-Tech/Nano-Static Viral Disinfectants allow for continued, long lasting protection even after the solutions dry. The science is simple but the benefits of applying this science to Viral Disinfecting certainly is not!!

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Nano-Tech/Nano-Static Viral Disinfectants use fast-acting nano-particulate silica to prevents bacteria and virus particles from attaching to surfaces. In Proactive Protect’s solution, a method of suspending crystalized silica dioxide (SiO2) particles in a de-ionized water-based mixture was developed, thus creating a chemically inert solution that can be applied harmlessly to almost any surface.

The result of the application is a new Nano-Barrier surface that is only 4-5 nanometers in size. This layer covalently bonds to all non-porous surfaces to which it has been applied. This protective crystal “nano-barrier” is 1000x thicker than the size of a human red blood cell which is 7 micrometers. Not only are nano-barriers exponentially thicker than penetrating bacteria and virus particles, the surface layer is also “nano-spiked” and penetrate the cell wall of biologically dangerous organisms, resulting in a process called a "mechanical kill". This mechanical kill nano-barrier continues to protect for up to 30 days or more after application and is then re-applied to continue our Proactive Protection process.




The Importance of Viral Disinfectant Safety Profiles

Not all Viral Disinfectant Solutions (and companies) are created equal! Proactive Protects deliberate decision to offer only Nano-tech/Nano-Static Disinfectant Solutions also speaks to their safety profiles. Products used by Proactive Protect:

Are Non-Toxic, Food-Safe, EPA Category IV for Toxicity (lowest level designation)

Work Immediately, Dry Quickly

Can be used on Hard Porous and Hard Non-Porous Surfaces

Can be used on soft surfaces and clothing

Are applied by our Solution Technicians during close

Allow for 1 Step Cleaning and/or Disinfecting eliminating the use of additional harsh chemical agents and reducing application time

Allow for general cleaning and wipe downs without degrading nano-barrier

Re-Applied by our Solution Technicians 21-28 days after initial application

Effective against 99.9% of bacteria, mold, fungus and viruses INCLUDING SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19

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